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Top Websites for Virtual Internships in 2020

Internships are a hands-on way to learn new skills at the organization.  Internships enhance the job application and interview skills which will be helpful while applying for the job. It helps to differentiate the candidate from other candidates and helps to become more competitive. So, looking for the websites for an internship is the foremost concern. If a student wants to fit in the corporate sector, he or she should look forward to internships. Here is the list of some sites which are considered as the best websites for an internship. Students can get through these websites for internship in brief. The best websites for internship are:



LinkedIn is a very famous community of professional networks known for providing the best jobs.  An entire section of this website is devoted to students and working professionals alike who are willing to learn new and relevant skills.  This website allows users to filter their search for internships and it offers thousands of options for everybody to choose from. To apply for these internships you just have to sign up and fill out the details. Once the signup process is complete you can directly apply for those positions. It further helps interns to create their links with the professional across all industries.

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Another great website which allows students and working professionals alike to find the right jobs and internships. Glassdoor provides all the insider information like salary and benefits packages. To start the application process, you just have to make an ID and password. Employees and candidates can also submit their reviews on the company which helps furthermore candidates to take the decision wisely after going through all the advantages and drawbacks.



For anyone looking for a career in the media, Media Bistro is the place to look. Focused entirely on careers in the media industry, this site lets you find internships and jobs in advertising, social media, TV and video, publishing, design and technology among many more. is the best website for internships for media workers. It not only has a great job board for media professionals but also discloses all the career tips and news to keep abreast of trends and analysis in the industry. Students looking for freelance opportunities can get through this website for an internship.




An excellent site to look for both internships and jobs in the non-profit sector. It is a vision of a network that connects everyone with the professional world. It helps to collaborate and act on any issue which is much concerned. Their tagline is “we connect idealists with opportunities for action” which is what it actually do! It connects any idealist with mere resources and information for volunteers and opens up an internship to transform their good intentions into action.


It is one of the world’s largest workplaces and a good site for finding paid or unpaid internships. It owns the pride of the best website for an internship. Some students are confused about what kind of internship they should prefer. So, provides a predator to guide for the internship opportunity right for the student. To get the most out of this site, be sure to make an account. You can use their popular “Internship Predictor” to match you up with internships based on your personality and references.




InsideSherpa is an open access platform designed to unlock exciting careers for students by connecting them with  company-endorsed Virtual Work Experience Programs. Any student, regardless of university degree, prior experience, location or year group, can apply for the Virtual Work Experience program at InsideSherpa. The programs allow students to build career skills, gain experience and increase their understanding of different careers. They are building the first scalable internship platform where any student from anywhere can see what it is like to work at the companies they are interested in.

Hello Intern


Hello Intern is a great platform regarded as the global internship expert. This website allows students to apply for various internships with companies, startups, and non-profit organizations. Some of the major opportunities which are provided by this website include Zee Media, Vivo, Titan, Decathlon, Citrus, and many other companies. The internships at this portal range from a number of different fields and domains. To begin your internship search on this platform you just have to sign up and start exploring!


So this was our list of some of the beat websites for online internships, hope you find the above helpful and feel free to add more to the list by commenting below.

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