PG Diploma in Data Science


India’s best selling program with a 4.5 star rating. Learn in-demand skills to kick-start your data science career with the widely recognized PG Diploma Program in Data Science by IIITB


Accelerate your career in data science by mastering concepts of Analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning and Big Data from the most influential analytics leaders and academicians of India.

The 12-month online PG Diploma in Data Science, co-developed by IIIT Bangalore and powered by upGrad, covers the depth and breadth of the subject in the form of interactive lectures, live sessions and hands-on industry projects.

Program Highlights:

  • Diploma from IIIT-B & Alumni Status:
    Get certified by IIIT-B and gain dual alumni status (IIIT-B & upGrad) on successful completion of the program.
  • For The Industry, By The Industry:
    Learn from 60+ case studies and industry experts to mentor you throughout the program.
  • Dedicated Career Assistance:
    Receive 360 degree career support from mock interviews with hiring managers, resume building, career fairs, industry mentors and much more.
  • 5 Specialisations:
    Choose from 5 specialisations on the basis of your background and career aspirations and get the learning you want.
  • Personalised mentorship:
    Get unparalleled personalised mentorship and doubt resolution from IIIT-B faculty and upGrad’s panel of industry experts.
  • Blended Learning:
    Learn with the ease and flexibility of recorded sessions as well as live sessions – designed to ensure a wholesome learning experience.

About Program PG IITB

Post Graduate Diploma from IIIT Bangalore

Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this prestigious recognition from IIIT-B with a specialization in any of the following: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Engineering

  • Connect with a global network of accomplished IIIT-B Alumni
  • Widely recognised and valued Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science
  • Network with Data Science professionals across all industries


India’s 1st PG Diploma validated & recommended by NASSCOM

Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this prestigious course participation certificate from NASSCOM Furtureskills

  • India’s 1st PG Diploma validated & recommended by NASSCOM aligned to government approved standards
  • Only PG Diploma ensuring Job readiness in the industry since Day 1


The program offers a right blend of statistics, technical and business knowledge. The curriculum has been designed with multiple industry leaders to ensure that you learn exactly what the employers need. Further, a PG Program in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore gives you the additional credibility to chart your career in the field. The key areas of focus will be:

Course I – Data Toolkit:
Start from the basics and understand statistical tools like SQL, Python, Statistics. Learn with an industry project & case study to strengthen your concepts.

Course II – Machine Learning:
Understand the relevance and power of prediction across industry verticals. By the end of the course, you will have an actionable knowledge of different machine learning algorithms and their applications.

Post Course II, choose from 1 of the 5 specialisations offered as per your background and career aspirations:

Specialisation I: Natural Language Processing

Specialisation II: Deep Learning

Specialisation III: Business Analytics

Specialisation IV: Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics

Specialisation V: Data Engineering

Industry Projects:

Below are a few industry relevant projects:

  • IMDb Movie Analysis
    Analyze movie data from the past hundred years and find out various insights to determine what makes a movie do well.
  • Uber Supply-Demand Gap
    Use analytics to identify why Uber sometimes faces a supply-demand challenge and what can be done to overcome it.
  • Creditworthiness of Customers
    Learn how Predictive Analytics can be used to decide the creditworthiness of customers and whether they should be issued a credit card or not.
  • Lead Scoring
    Learn how the knowledge of basic machine learning algorithms can be used to determine leads that are potentially convertible and save your Sales team time, money, and resources.
  • Fraud Detection
    Decline fraud transactions on a credit card in real-time to minimize the losses so that customers are not charged for items that they did not purchase.
  • Speech Recognition
    Learn how Google speech-to-text works and make your own model. 
  • Image Captioning
    Build a model which will caption a given image and describe it in sentences in a detailed way like objects present, the actions they are doing, etc.
  • Social Media Listening
    Learn how to acquire and analyse Twitter feed on a particular topic to predict and analyse how popular it is amongst the user-base.
  • Telecom Churn
    Help a telecom company identify customers that are likely to churn and make data-driven strategies to retain them.
  • Retail-Giant Sales Forecasting
    Help a retail-giant to have a clear idea of how their sales will look like in the future.
  • Interactive Marketing Campaign Analysis
    Research and analyse data from a marketing campaign to gain valuable insights and determine the ‘yays’ and ‘nays’ of the campaign.

The Instructors

Instructors-PG DS IITB

Industry Mentors
  • Receive unparalleled guidance from industry mentors, teaching assistants and graders
  • Receive one-on-one feedback on submissions and personalised feedbacks on improvement
Student Success Mentors
  • A dedicated Success Mentors is allocated to each student so as to ensure consistent progress
  • Success Mentors are your single points of contact for all your non-academic queries
Q&A Forum
  • Timely doubt resolution by Industry experts and peers
  • 100% Expert-verified responses to ensure quality learning
Expert Feedback
  • Personalised expert feedback on assignments and projects
  • Regular live sessions by experts to clarify concept related doubts
upGrad BaseCamp
  • Fun-packed, informative and career building workshops Sessions by industry professionals and professors
  • Group activities with your peers and alumni
Industry Networking
  • Live sessions by experts on various industry topics
  • One-on-one discussion and feedback sessions with industry mentors

Admission Process-DS IITB


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