Business Foundations Specialization

Solve Real Business Problems. Build a foundation of core business skills in marketing, finance, accounting and operations.


Business Foundation Specialization gives you the basic literacy on business knowledge. This Specialization comprises of 6 Series courses that will help you to enhance your knowledge and improve your career prospects. The Business Foundations Specialization offered by The University of Pennsylvania will help you to learn the fundamentals of finance, accounting and marketing and  you can apply this fundamentals to tackle practical problems of the business world. In the final part of the Series, you will have to complete a Capstone Project to earn the Certificate Of Completion.

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How’s the Specialization works:

Audit the Courses

This Specialization is series of 6 Courses. You have to enroll in the Specialization directly and you will be subscribed to all the courses of the Specialization.


You will have to complete the projects of this Specialization to earn Certificate of Completion.


You will earn the Certification for each course of the series on the completion of the assignments  of that particular course of this 6 series Specialization.


Pursuing this Specialization will add value to your career or you can start to improve your own small business or you can apply the learning of this Specialization in your business  education.



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