Building a Better Business Case – Building a Better Business

Business cases are the main tools organizations use to decide on investments of time, money, and resources. This course teaches best practices to frame scope, align value with goals, and evaluate risk, while complementing the work with metrics.


A growing challenge as the pace of development continues to accelerate is determining what to pursue, which product or service should be developed first, and what will create the greatest benefit. In this course, Building a Better Business Case – Building a Better Business, you’ll gain the ability to develop a great business case. First, you’ll combine the art and science of business analysis, framing the scope and value proposition of your business case in a way that makes sense to the key decision makers. Next, you’ll learn how to standardize the language of risk management. Finally, you’ll learn the latest best practices in the development of great metrics for your business case. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to apply this development model and turn your business case into a valuable tool for your organization.


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